jimbaran seminyak ubadu Nordbali canggu Tabanan

Bali Villas by location


All our villas in Bali have been hand selected for you. Each house has its individual style and its very own charm. Whether you want to spend your vacation in the vibrant south of Bali and close to the beaches, or prefer the mystic atmosphere in the lush, quieter heart of the island, every villa will meet your high expectations in quality, comfort and tropical luxury lifestyle.

Ubud  – Cultural center in the heart of the island.
Seminyak  – Vibrant, trendy, international atmosphere. Directly on the golden sandy beaches. 
Canggu  – Southwest Coast - A dream come true for surfers and sea lovers. Gateway to the rice chamber of Bali.
Tabanan  – Southwest Coast - Rice belt of Bali. Breathtaking landscapes far from the busy south of the island. Great surfing     and beach strolling.
Jimbaran  – Dry, desert like most southern part of the island. Sandy beaches and quiet bays. Great for swimming and surfing.
North Bali   – Unspoiled, authentic Bali. Black beaches (sand and stone); great for snorkeling and diving.